what are we doing ?


If requested by the investor:

– The average income of the population in the region,

– Regional population density,

– Transportation facilities to the region,

– The capacity of the investment regarding topics such as the health statistics of the previous period,

– Financial analysis of the investment

– The quality of the material and medical equipment to be used

– Construction and equipment costs,

– The number and quality of the personnel to be employed,

– Feasibility studies are carried out by evaluating income tables and expense tables periodically.


Design and Planning

We make design and planning studies according to international standards, the legislation of the relevant country and the facilities of the customer. Following the identification of surgical departments, clinical departments and budgets needs, we follow the steps below.

– All equipment list (BoQ):

Gmentmedical supplies “Bill of Quantities” service which means proper pricing is given according to the result of completed work.

Gmentmedical offers reliable BoQ service with its experience abroad and in the industry to the companies it works for.

– Amount of Needs

– Technicial Specifications

– Analysis of Architectural Plan

Gmentmedical analyzes architectural plans prepared with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

We also offer advice to our clients on the necessary improvements.

– Placement of all medical equipment

– Removal of the substructure of all medical equipment


For investors that are compatible with international financial criteria,financial solutions can be provided from international financial institutions under appropriate conditions.




We are working with the construction companies which offers solution for our investors regarding their construction projects.


Supply of Equipment

Gmentmedical is able to supply the equipment of its manufacturers without any delay in their needs and their technical service.

Careful planning is made to ensure supplied equipment reaches the site simultaneously with construction.

The medical equipments that are purchased are distributed to the intended location with the organization of our logistics department.


Installation and Training

Equipment distributed to the field by our logistics unit are installed by our technicians which are trained in regards of manufacturers technical documents.

User training for the equipment being installed is given by our professional technical team that is certified by the manufacturer.


After Sales Support

Gmentmedical technical service strategy includes usage of original spare parts and the training of technicians directly from equipment manufacturers.

Gmentmedical provides technical support regardless of the brand and model of the devices.

Our flexible brand approach makes us unique in the market because we are free in brand selection.


Let us design your projects together !..